Public   The Arches, Sage Gateshead

The Sage Gateshead has achieved an international reputation for quality and inclusivity in its artistic programme, for both Performance, and Learning and Participation. Its Learning and Participation programme – which has involved 200,000 people, of all ages, each year since 2004 – is recognised for its quality and inclusivity, and also its relevance to the music industry, where it has helped to kindle and further musical ambitions.

The programme is operating at over ten times the scale envisaged when the building was first conceived; now delivering highly regarded national programmes, as well as local activities across the North East, and increasing engagements in international relationships.

The capacity to deliver specialist music and vocational training is at the heart of The Sage Gateshead’s mission. The quality of the venue’s off-stage, back-stage and front of house operation is renowned, and it offers a rich context for vocational learning.

The Arches project, set behind The Sage Gateshead, occupies a locally listed structure beneath Stephenson’s old train yard, looking out on to the southern elevation of The Sage Gateshead. From the early days of the development, the Arches were always seen as the space for the future expansion of the vibrant, creative training environment of The Sage Gateshead.

The needs of the expanding programme have been arranged within the seven arches, which will house a performance studio, workshop spaces for steel pan and gamelan, a studio for urban street art projects, classrooms, offices, and support spaces including a storage area.

The Arches offer a complementary series of spaces to those within the main building. The design intention is to reveal and enhance the existing interior masonry vaults, and to insert new mezzanines and entrance glazing, all designed to minimise the impact of the contemporary interventions.

Client    The Sage Gateshead
Location    Gateshead, UK
Status    Planning Approved

Cost    £1.2 m
Structural Engineer    Arup
Services Engineer    Arup
Acoustic and Venues Consultant    Arup

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