Residential   Melior Street

This site is located within the Bermondsey Conservation Area, adjacent to one of the most exciting regeneration areas in London.

The existing site includes 6 Melior Street, 7-13 Melior Street, and the RC Church of Our Lady of La Salette St Joseph, and is owned by the Trustees of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Southwark.

Addition Land, Crest Nicholson, and the Archdiocese of Southwark are in partnership to provide a scheme to provide replacement accommodation for the Manna Society, a new Church Hall, refurbished accommodation for the Parish Priest, residential accommodation, and space for cafés or retail to provide a sustainable high density mixed use development.

The London Bridge Opportunity Area provides a framework for regeneration that will significantly change the character of the neighbourhood within which this site sits, and the character of the conservation area at its northern boundary.

This site is strategically located between Bermondsey Street and Borough Market and presents the opportunity for the creation of a new accessible, engaging, and liveable mixed use urban quarter within the opportunity area.

The character of this quarter will derive from the potential to reuse old buildings and slot in interesting new ones that will be contextual and yet not differential, creating a sought after building typology specific to Bermondsey.

The blocks’ heights differ on each elevation to better suit the varying scale of the adjacent structures. The central organising feature is the courtyard, around which all of the upper levels wrap, and from which the apartment building is entered. The form of the building varies along each elevation, with the brick framed balconies on the Snowsfield façade changing to a series of stepping brick planes that animate the Melior Street façade with projecting metal balconies.

Client    Addition, Crest Nicholson
Location    London, UK
Status    Completed 2017

Planning Consultant    DP9
Townscape Consultant    KM Heritage

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